About Insightful Life Therapeutic Services

Insightful Life Therapeutic Services, LLC (ILTS) is a Joint Commission accredited Behavioral Health Practice.  ILTS is located in Baltimore City and serves clients within the State of Maryland.  ILTS is  also licensed by the State of Maryland's Behavioral Health System and our services are offered through these various program:

1. Outpatient Mental Health Clinic (OMHC): This program offers a holistic approach towards addressing ongoing outpatient behavioral health needs of our client (children, adolescent and adults). A multi disciplinary team of experienced practitioners work in collaboratively in the treatment of every individual within our care to provide comprehensive care planning with quality outcomes. In this program the following services are provided:

  • Bespoke services to first responders and law enforcement
  • On-going after care available
  • Group, family and individual therapy with Masters Level licensed Mental Health Clinicians
  • On-going medication evaluation, management and monitoring by on-site psychiatrist/Nurse Practitioner
  • Psychiatric screening and assessments
  • Tele-Health Services
  • Person-centered treatment planning for recovery
  • Individual, group and family therapy available both On-site and Off-site (For current clients and on a case-by-case basis)
  • Transition and discharge planning
  • Case management and coordination


2. Psychiatric Rehabilitation Program (PRP): This program focuses on assisting clients via supportive assistance by our direct care staff who assist our client's to develop and enhance community and independent living skills. Our direct care staff assist our client with the following:

  • Time Management
  • Money Management and financial literacy
  • Mental Health symptom management
  • Enrolling in higher education
  • Obtaining Employment (Job Readiness)
  • Medication ambivalence education
  • Local resources referrals
  • Safe Housing
  • Enrolling in State assistance (cash/food)
  • Case Management by trained Direct Care Workers
  • And More...

Mission. The Mission of ILTS is “to deliver quality behavioral health services to clients within the State of Maryland in an enlightened and accountable manner consistent with recognized behavioral health standards of care.”

Vision. Our Vision is to Provide a Supportive Service so that our Clients’ can better embrace healthier lives and appropriately Integrate into Society. Insightful Life Therapeutic Services will be known in the State of Maryland as a Center of Excellence in addressing outpatient behavioral health services. 

Values. The Organizational Values.

  • Collaboration and Teamwork: Together we achieve more for the good of the client. We recognize that the whole is greater than its parts.
  • Professionalism and Quality of Service: As a behavioral health provider, we will demonstrate our commitment through, accountability, ethics and pride in our work.
  • Respect for Individuals: We recognize and respect the culture/diversity in each client and strive to uphold respect, dignity and empathy in our service.
  • Clear, Open and Honest Communication: We encourage respectful dialogue and communication which promotes insight, unity, productivity and understanding.
  • A Safe Environment: We are committed to providing a safe and healthy environment for staff and clients.
  •  Ability to Grow and Change: We believe that “Even when we are not personally responsible for the circumstances in which we find ourselves, we are still responsible for the meaning we give to our live as we choose our attitudes towards, and our behavior, in such situations” (Viktor Frankl 1964)
  • Community Interaction and Integration: We strive for a positive interaction within the community which will promote change in a healthier integration into society.

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